The Centerliner includes the same spreading principle as the well-proven single disc H and L series. This offers unrivaled spreading accuracy at an economic price. The unique spreading system is tolerant of diverse weather, varying material and ground conditions.

Product description 

  • Hydraulic on/off control
  • Heavy duty hopper screens
  • PTO slip clutch
  • SE 1500 - 27 cu ft - up to 1500 lbs*
  • SE 2000 - 36 cu ft - up to 2000 lbs*
  • SE 2500 - 46 cu ft - up to 2500 lbs*
  • SX 3000 - 67 cu ft - up to 3700 lbs*

Forced feed

The centrifugal force from the revolving hopper bottom, combined with the suction of the revolving feed spoons, ensures a constant forced feed of fertilizer. Application rates are equally maintained whether the hopper is full or nearly empty.

Stainless steel spoons

Four stainless steel spoons are fitted to each disc and, due to the double overlapping spread pattern of each disc, ensure each piece of ground gets 16 separate applications— eight going up the turf and eight on the return pass.

Heavy duty hopper screens

Fitted heavy duty metal hopper screens are standard on all Centerliner units, which keep fertilizer lumps and foreign objects out of the hopper. This dramatically reduces the chance of clogging the hopper bottom.

Simple and accurate application rate setting

The Centerliner has a single pin for setting the application rate. It comes standard with a hydraulic on/off remote, controlling both feed discs simultaneously.

*All weight capacity’s are based upon 46-0-0 granular weight assumption of 48 pounds per cu. ft.

Product Brochure

View the LELY Centerliner SE brochure