The Lely Weeder is an effective weed eradication alternative to chemical applications and other spraying methods.

Product description 

Mechanical weed eradication allows users to avoid potential environmental issues surrounding traditional chemical application processes. Spring tines vibrate their way through the upper layer of soil, removing all weeds. Hard surface crust is also disturbed, which assists with surface drainage.

The Weeder consists of a rugged frame with four rows of staggered tines, allowing trash through while providing a close working space of an inch and a half.  With the unique tine/holder design, individual tines can be adjusted to fit the contours of the ground or the crop. This allows the remaining tines to work aggressively between the rows of crops, making the Weeder extremely flexible for a variety of row crop applications, regardless of row spacing.

Weed eradication – seed incorporation

The Lely Weeders can be used in a variety of applications. The machines main purpose is mechanical weed eradication, but it can also be used for effective breaking of hard soils or crusts, as well as seed incorporation. 

Adjustable Tines

The Weeder’s tines are adjustable so they can follow the contours of the ground (i.e. potato ridges).  The tines that operate in the base of the ridge adjust to the most rigid position, achieving the maximum degree of weed eradication, breaking harder/heavier soils.  Likewise, the tines operating on top of the ridge among the plants have the lightest setting and therefore don’t damage the plants.  

Product Brochure

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Parts & Operator's Manual

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